Listening to nature

High standards, respect and and quality. The Maison Willm winemakers are driven by the same desire, all in search of a better balance between the soils, winemaking and the climate, all while respecting biodiversity. The decision to use sustainable farming shows our commitment to the environment and makes the Alsatian terroir our first priority.

“It is the earth that gives birth to great wines, we must never forget that” – Jean-Luc Ostertag, Willm winemaker

The AgriConfiance® label: a quality chart with high standards

The Maison Willm is committed to the AgriConfiance® label with hopes to extend its approach to sustainable farming. This official charter was acquired in 2012 and integrates many different aspects including safety regulations for the health and high standards of the entire establishment, clear traceability, an environmentally friendly and protection of natural resources.

The fact that 100% of the Maison Willm’s plots are now certified AgriConfiance® is a symbol of the Maison’s deep commitment to protecting its terroir.

The quality of grapes

The quality of wine from a grand terroir comes first and foremost from the quality of its grapes. We harvest our grapes at optimal maturity which allows us to obtain the best juice possible. We limit direct manipulation of the grapes so as to preserve the fruit’s integrity and to allow the true character of the grapes to shine through.

Optimal conditions for vinification

Our oenologists are committed to intervening only where absolutely necessary at all stages of the winemaking process. Pre-fermentation is crucial to the success of the wine, and we use pneumatic presses to ensure the best pressing and extraction conditions. We treat the musts and ferment them with special yeasts in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks. The wines are then left to develop in those tanks or vats where we make sure to limit the use of sulphites to a bare minimum. Thanks to the special time and care we put into winemaking, the Maison Willm produces wines of irreproachable quality and unparalleled sophistication.