The abundant orchards and fruit of the Alsace region give way to making brandies that have become an integral part of the Maison Willm tradition and heritage. It is not uncommon for winegrowers to have fruit trees in addition to their vines. Over time, this tradition has naturally made its way into the Maison Willm traditions.

Fruit harvest

As for our wines, the quality of the fruits is essential. The fruits must be harveted when they've reached the perfect stage of ripeness in order to preserve the fruit's essence, which is key to producing the best brandy. Working with regional arboriculturists, the Maison Willm aims to perpetuate these traditions and continue to value the richness of the local terroir.

The art of distillation

The Master liquorist and House distiller apply their expertise with passion, working with family recipes that only they have mastered. After the first stage of fermentation the fruits are distilled. Two distinct methods of distillation are used– the “one pass” and the “double pass” method–in order to carefully unveil the fruit aromas. The brandy then enters a long phase of maturation before reaching its peak level of expression. This vigorous process gives way to a subtle balance of flavors.