The Willm Style

Tradition & Elegance

The Maison Philosophy

Since 1896, the Maison Willm has devoted itself to upholding the Alsatian tradition. Our winegrowers have mastered the perfect equation for working the terroir—a delicate balance between the vines, soils and the region’s natural climate—all while practicing sustainable agriculture. The Maison’s inspiration comes not only from authenticity and epicurean values, but from a deep respect for the Earth—the combination of which gives our products their signature, generous Alsatian quality.

Presentation of our wine styles

Our wines offer excellent structure and aromatic complexity with a unique, mineral quality. The region’s rich terroir produces wines that vary in style. From full-bodied, complex wines, to dry, fresh and elegant, all have a delicate balance of fruit and acidity. Our wines are a product of passion and respect for tradition, embodying the Barr terroir with elegance and finesse.